Bookcase, shelves - VIKTOR

Bookcase, shelves - VIKTOR

VIKTOR - library from an old wardrobe

Victor has a lot of wisdom in him, in his life he has absorbed a lot of letters from stories, history, art, short everything that his books have hidden. :-)

A century-old bookcase - shelf - shelf - in beautiful wood.

The bookcase has 3 shelves, which you can arrange according to your needs thanks to the side rails, as well as a practical bottom drawer.

The old wood gives the bookcase a timeless stamp. It has been completely renovated.

This is an old original repaired piece, pending refurbishment into a bookcase/shelf.

Dimensions H 190, W 132, D 42 cm.

Price shown without shipping. To be seen at the shop in Cologne.

Information about transport - in the section TRANSPORT. At a special price only personal collection.

14 800
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