The mirror -teller of old stories
  • The mirror -teller of old stories
  • The mirror -teller of old stories
  • The mirror -teller of old stories
  • The mirror -teller of old stories
  • The mirror -teller of old stories

The mirror -teller of old stories

On request.

A beautiful large solid mirror, made of very old wood, which needs no embellishment for its beauty.

Dimensions on request.Price depends on size.

In this version - 180 cm x 100 cm

13 800
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Detailed product description

The product is made of very old wood, the beams used are carefully chemically treated (impregnated) against pests and wood-boring insects. We work with Lignofix and Červostop products, which are profiled as the best on our market.

In the event that a pest appears in the beam (product ) after this application, we are not responsible for its occurrence, we are not manufacturers of these chemical products that guarantee 100% liquidity. In our experience, after the chemical treatment, the success rate of liquidation is very positive, in case of finding the occurrence of wood-boring insects we have recorded almost 100% success rate of liquidation.

The success rate of wood-boring insect liquidation is also indicated by the Gamma radiation technology, which is applied in closed chambers. In case of interest in this treatment, the price of the product will be increased by the use of this technology. Please contact us for further information.

Another guarantee is a product made of new wood, plywood, plywood or plastic, which you can buy in new furniture stores.


Product code 892
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