Industrial square dining table - base Brussels

Industrial square dining table - base Brussels

On request.

...TIMELiness of wood and metal...

Timeless and airy square dining table, in industrial style, with a fine and solid Brussels-type base.

Also suitable as a writing table, café table, patisserie, restaurant table......

Height of wooden table top 3 cm. Metal base ( black colour or natural metal colour with admitted joints).

The colour shade of the wooden top can be adapted to your wishes. The table top is treated with high quality natural oils and waxes.

Dimensions of the table in the photo : 80 x 80 x76

Price in this size and thickness of wooden planks 9.800 CZK.

The size can be adjusted according to your needs. The price depends on the size of the table and the type of wood and its thickness.

The price is without shipping. Please read the info in the SHIPPING section.

9 800

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