OLD MASSIVE BOAT - with storage space_178 CM

OLD MASSIVE BOAT - with storage space_178 CM

Centenary bench made of solid wood with storage drawer, will provide comfortable seating and will be a decoration of the kitchen, living room, hallway, backyard or terrace......

The bench has been completely renovated, with a wax finish.

❤️STOLETÁ BEAUTY WITH STORAGE PROSTOREM❤️.. REPAIRED and ready for ITS NEW HOME!!!Í ❤️. ..these beautiful souls are like saffron...they need to be cherished

Bench length 178 cm, depth 53 cm and large storage space, height 93 cm.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. The delivery date must be consulted.

Prices are without shipping. Please read the info in the SHIPPING section.

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