Arthur - country bird
  • Arthur - country bird
  • Arthur - country bird
  • Arthur - country bird
  • Arthur - country bird

Arthur - country bird

Arthur, beautiful country bred :-). He carries his solid and simple shape proudly over a century.....

Old wooden chair after refurbishment.

The chair has undergone a complete overhaul, including the surface, in a shade of pastel green and a masculine patina :-).

It is solid with a large comfortable seat.

The price is quoted without shipping. Please read the info in the SHIPPINGsection. 5% discount for personal collection.

Shipping of the furniture is through TopTrans, it will be calculated based on the delivery location, dimensions and weight of the goods. Once the order is completed we will contact you with the correct calculated shipping price, according to the delivery address. The chair will be on reserve for 1 day after the order is placed before shipping is confirmed.

Every second chair is free of charge during shipping.

2 500
Sold out
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